Our Values

In our quest towards achieving our strategic vision and mission at all levels, we shall always be guided by our shared values system which will always remain our order to achieve our aim through our strategic vision; we are keen to follow our common principles to be our main reference.

Performance & Financial Results: Our financial results and multiple facilities are evidence of our continued achievements, growth and excellent performance.

Efficiency & Prices: Our competitive prices are a reflection of our efficient processes, a real translation of our innovative initiatives, abilities of constant innovation and continuous improvement in our service level, in addition to developing and increasing products.

Customer Care & Services: Our customers' loyalty reflects our reliable care and high professionalism we provide to each member.

Success & Reputation: Our Success is a clear mirror of our leader's vision and our good reputation is a reflection of our attention to developing our resources, potentials and competitive abilities.

Superiority & Responsiveness: Our superiority expresses our established convictions in our responsiveness and in demonstrating our faithful and equal respect for all those who deal with us.