Future Plans

We started our commercial operation in the year 1995 and we have six [6] branches at present. The society is in the process of opening more branches, mini markets in the coming periods. The details of built-up areas are given below for the existing branches.

  1. Al Garhoud on 18.05.1995 20,000 sq.ft
  2. Al Safouh on 21.12.1995 10,000 sq.ft
  3. Al Jaffliya on 06.06.1998 8,500 sq.ft
  4. Al Twar-3 on 21.08.1999 71,147 sq.ft
  5. Hatta on 08.09.2007 82,352 sq.ft
  6. Al Mezhar II on 26.07.2008 111,229 sq.ft
  • We have centralized warehouse for logistic operations at an area of 102,321 sq.ft. and a centralized bakery production facility therein.
  • We have our own, centralized staff accommodation at Al -Ghusais for accommodating around 444 staff.
  • Our Fixed assets gross book value is Dhs.128.70.00 millions as of 31.12.2008 and NBV Dhs.98.583 millions. The land values are not included above, which is valued at Dhs.80.30 millions.
  • Our Bankers are M/s. National Bank of Dubai, the prime bank in UAE.
  • Our external auditors are M/s. Faris & Co.